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Delicious custard recipes - Semper Delicata

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November 1st, 2011

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12:51 pm - Delicious custard recipes
New recipes! At the moment I'm trying to lose some weight, so my choice for custard as a theme for the new recipes on my site was not very clever: I ended up with about six pints of custard. The solution: a visit to my family, who gladly made themselves available as guinea pigs.

The historical custard recipe is from a Dutch cookbook from 1797 (Dutch version). It is made with ratafia or macaroons, almond cookies. I have added recipes for four 'modern' custards, with vanilla, chocolate, orange and coffee (Dutch version). The recipes are very easy to prepare (although you need some skill to make the custards with egg yolks).

Four kinds of custard

(Add a pinch of pepper)

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