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January 16th, 2013

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04:55 pm - New recipes!
Somehow I keep forgetting to post updates to this journal. So now a bunch of them:

Historical recipes: Pasties with Sweetbread (German, 18th century), Cheese Pie with Pears (Dutch, 16th century) and Red Cabbage with Apples (Dutch, 19th century) with a traditional Dutch Beef Stew.

In Dutch only: Macaroni with tuna and tomato sauce and Japanese salad with peanut dressing (with a picture of my daughter in Nagasaki!).

And today I uploaded five recipes to the very slow-growing edition of the Dutch cookery manuscript KANTL Gent 15 Vol.2. Three of these recipes are for sauces for chicken (one gives veal as alternative), there is a recipe for pears simmered in the juice of boiled damsons, and a recipe for caudle.


(Add a pinch of pepper)

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