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Semper Delicata

The Simmering Cauldron

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Don't expect an outpouring of my daily joys and agonies here.
Occasionally I comment on things, but mainly this LJ is meant as a place to announce new recipes.
And, for some reason, there are also some observations on my cats.
I also have a Dutch blog, which you can find here.

Although I'm Dutch, the entries here are mostly in English. Practically every Dutchman and -woman reads English, but not many people outside The Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname or The Antilles read Dutch. So ...

Feel free to friend me, but please do not take it personally if I do not friend you back. If your LJ concerns itself mainly with personal things, I probably won't (unless I know the writer personally), if it contains posts on cooking, middle ages or the like, maybe I will.

If you're interested in books on culinairy history you might want to visit my Webshop. If you live in The Netherlands or Belgium, please visit my Webshop here.

Recently I have started a Yahoo!Group, you can join by clicking on the link below:

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