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Shameless Cats and Magpies - Semper Delicata

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June 10th, 2005

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11:26 am - Shameless Cats and Magpies
Last night I had a Dim Sum evening.  Nice people, nice evening.
My cats decided to join the fun.
First Poesjenel brought home a living mouse to play with on the stairs. Luckily the mouse was not yet harmed. I could catch it under a dish cloth and brought it outside again. It tried to bite me through the cloth as thanks.
Then City had an uncontrollable urge to sample the Bong-Bong Chicken that was finished and set aside. Under the eyes of me and my pupils he jumped on the kitchen-trolley- and off again like lightning when I started yelling at him. The next hour or so he spent lurking around to see if he got another chance. That cat has no shame!

And this morning I looked up from my computer and saw this magpie feasting on its prey:

Not the same mouse as Poesjenel has caught yesterday, this one's bigger. I only hope the magpie cleans the table when he's done.
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