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Update almost ready & Refugee cat - Semper Delicata

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August 23rd, 2005

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02:05 pm - Update almost ready & Refugee cat
I had the english historical recipe for sept/oct ready, and also some other recipes and pages, having worked a little during my vacation on the laptop. But I've had a car accident, and some things, including my laptop, have not come out of that in one piece. So now I have to do it all again. At least I am still here to do it all again, so I'm not complaining ... much.

And I have another problem weighing on my mind. I have neighbours who have a very old cat. The cat is always outside, because they are allergic to cats (Yeah, why have one then? Beats me). They do take care of her, at least of her basic material needs, and I do believe she gets some affection as well.
But when they were on holiday and we had just returned (concussed and all) there she was, cold and wet and hungry, and very determined to get into my house. So I took her in, She has lived here for 9 days, sleeping in a corner of her choosing, hissing at my cats when they wanted to approach her and taking small walks on very stiff legs between "her" spot, the litterbox (and sometimes outside, if she wanted), and the food and drink. She is so old that she can't wash herself anymore, so we combed her every day. Yesterday the rightful owners came back, and of course the cat had to be returned.
And now I am being stalked by her. Ignore her, is the advice of my neighbour. But I get this terrible "girl with match sticks" feeling when I see her. She is so old, and wet from the rain, and looking in at the warm interior where she wouldn't have to worry about magpies eating her food before she can eat it all. She's twenty, wouldn't she be entitled to a softer way of life now? Maybe I'll ask my neighbour if she can stay with us. But they do love her too. It's difficult and it's giving me a headache.

(Add a pinch of pepper)

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