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Pleased to meet you, my name is Clio ... - Semper Delicata

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December 14th, 2005

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09:27 pm - Pleased to meet you, my name is Clio ...
A month ago our youngest cat Poesjenel died unexpectedly.
We still miss her, but for various reasons I decided to look for another cat fairly soon. First of all the vet said it was advisable not to wait too long if I ever wanted another cat, because the longer my tomcat City was alone (because Betje REALLY isn't company for a cat), the more difficult it would be for him to get used to a new housemate. A female cat, and a young one, would be best. Moreover my daughter was in need of something cheerful, after the repercussions of the car-accident this summer and the loss of her favourite cat.

And something cheerful we have. Her name is Clio. We found her through the internet, this late in the year there aren't many kittens. The animal shelters didn't have any, the vet only new of two long-haired kittens. Our cat is from a calico-mother that wasn't supposed to have kittens. She was sterilized last week. I thought it amazing, how many cats of all kinds and ages are offered on the internet, with prices ranging from free to € 500. Our kitten was for free (well, I did give something anyway). She was a little over nine weeks when we got her.
We haven't forgotten Poesjenel, but we adore little Clio. She is VERY energetic, inquisitive and funny (like all kittens), but also quite the lapcat. She likes company, and isn't shy when there are strangers in the house.
City at first displayed some kind of horrified amazement at this new disruption of his life, but now that has tempered to a lightly irritated tolerance. All this in two weeks' time. When Poesjenel came into our house it took at least two months before he was this far. Betje is really mean to Clio, trying to drive her into a corner and hit her without toppling over herself (because she isn't very stable on her old legs). But Betje is also mean to City. I think she just doesn't like other cats at all.

As you can see, she is a very modern cat.
She chases mice onscreen.
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