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Kittens and Cookies - Semper Delicata

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November 4th, 2007

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01:13 pm - Kittens and Cookies
Circumstances keep getting in the way of updating my site. I am trying to get there. Believe me.

One of the excuses circumstances is the birth of Clio's kittens on monday. Three squirming furballs. My daughter and I were witnesses. I wasn't even allowed to leave, when I went to get a load out of the washing machine she followed me to the attic. The first kitten took three and a half hours to be born, the other two followed within forty minutes.
Clio is an excellent mother, doing everything she is supposed to do.
We are keeping one kitten, the first-born. We named him (at least, we think it's a he) Hiro, after Hiro Nakamura from the tv-series Heroes. The other two are going to live with a friend of mine when they're nine weeks old. So every kitten is provided for.

Last week I experimented with 18th century cookies. They taste good, but look awful. I am more a cook than a baker. Before going online with the recipe, I want to make them again, using brewer's yeast instead of baker's yeast (because that's the yeast specified in the cookbook). But it is surpisingly difficult to obtain brewer's yeast for culinary purposes. As a food supplement it is immensely popular, but no one seems to actually use it in the kitchen.

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Date:November 4th, 2007 02:15 pm (UTC)
you have propably allready considered it as a possible source of brewers yeast, but just to make sure. What about a brewery? You could approach so called microbreweries, small ones with their own specialties. In Amsterdam (where I live) I woulld suggest Brouwerij het IJ or Brouwerij de Prael
Good luck ! Hiro looks seriously cute ;-)
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Date:November 4th, 2007 04:18 pm (UTC)
I thought about updating this post, and I should have:
Great minds think alike ... Those two breweries are the ones I have sent emails to (because it was saturday), so I hope to hear from them soon.
I also found several webshops (like Wijnmaken in Amsterdam and Vinimare in Almere)
which sell several kinds of brewer's yeast, but these are all dried versions.

Hiro IS cute! But the other two are too. My friend will name them, their temporary names are 'Cliokloon' (looks a lot like Clio) and 'Witvoetje' (Whitefoot, no explanation needed).

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