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The most pigheaded cat ever - Semper Delicata

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July 3rd, 2010

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10:53 am - The most pigheaded cat ever
Since I moved from Hilversum to Kortenhoef, three years ago,  my oldest cat City denies the move. He keeps walking back the three kilometers across two busy roads and through meadows and woods to his former territory. The things I have tried (and money I have spend) to persuade him to accept his new surroundings are all futile.

Naturally I began with keeping him and the other cats inside for several weeks. I have used cat pheromones, homeopathic concoctions, a behavioural therapist, an animal whisperer, and of course lots of love and delicious food. Everything but witchcraft and human sacrifice. There are even two articles about him in the local newspapers (here and the follow up, on internet). I have looked for an addres for him in our old neighbourhood, in the hope that he would be happy there, but except from a very nice lady who does not allow her cats to roam free because her garden is wedged in between two busy roads (which I understand completely), no one offered to take him in. The vet predicts that City will give it up in a year or so, since he is already fourteen and starting to lose some of his hearing and sight. 

So for the time being I accept that he is just a lodger here. He takes off, I pick him up after five days (sooner, and he goes straight back), pick the ticks off him, treat him for fleas and worms, feed him, and when he is rested and has eaten enough, he takes off again. He is streetwise, clever, and very proud. Maybe one day I won't find him, and something will have happened to him. But he will have enjoyed his freedom to the full. 

Of course, I hope that won't happen and he will see reason in time. If one can expect reason from a cat, that is ...

City near the cat flap

City has enjoyed his cat milk and is comtemplating the cat flap. Time to take off again?

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Date:July 4th, 2010 12:01 pm (UTC)
Ja, het blijven mannen he.. ;)
Laten we maar hopen dat als hij nog wat minder ziet nog net genoeg hoort om 't op de automatische piloot te lopen. Zijn er nog andere katers in de buurt?

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