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Dogged - Semper Delicata

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January 12th, 2011

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04:39 pm - Dogged
Six months ago I wrote about our serial run-away cat. Well, he still does it. Since it got really cold here, the last week of November, City has stayed with us and our two other cats. He got the choiciest bits of food, slept wherever he felt like sleeping (like, above my head on the pillow), in short, he was showered with love. Which he appreciates. As long as the temperature outside is below 5 dgC/41 dgF.
The very night before the yearly visit to the vet he decided to take off again and walk the three miles to our former home from wich we moved the summer of 2007. I collected him after three days, and now he is sleeping on the windowsill above the radiator in my study. So I prepare myself for another year of weekly trips to my old address to collect the most dogged cat in the world.

City asleep in the windowsill

Current Location: Netherlands, Kortenhoef

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