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Cats and doves - Semper Delicata

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February 26th, 2011

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11:06 am - Cats and doves

Hiro has an obsession.

Hiro observes

For hours he crouches behind the catflap, spying through the plastic see-through flap on a wood pigeon that feasts on the grains and seeds that have fallen down from the birdfeeder. That feeder hangs out of cat-reach, but only small birds like finches and titmouses (titmice?) can feed from it. And they do so messily, under the feeder there is a green patch of sprouting grains

Pigeon observes back

Last year one of my cats had caught a dove while I was away. When I came back, the hallway was littered with feathers, and Micah, our youngest cat, was sitting in the middle of the mess looking guilty. I swept all feathers up but couldn’t find the dove itself. Until I saw Micah sneaking out of the litterbox, dragging the half-plucked body with his teeth with him. That was about the only place I hadn’t thought to look.

Still, I don’t think this dove will end up as catfood. As soon as Hiro starts to make his move, which necessarily means going noisily through the catflap, the bird has flown.

Hiro charges

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