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New historical recipes with eggs, for Easter and Lent (yes) - Semper Delicata

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February 29th, 2012

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08:19 pm - New historical recipes with eggs, for Easter and Lent (yes)
I was in an 'egg mood', the past two weeks.
The main recipe is for very special coloured Easter Eggs, that are spit-roasted in their shell. If you want to know how, look at the recipe! The extra recipe is for Lent. Now, Lent is a period in which in the Middle Ages eggs were banned from the table. But this recipe is for fake eggs that would fool anyone who does not actually eat them. They are both from the fifteenth century.
It was great fun experimenting, and I now have great respect for the playfulness of medieval cooks.

Fake egg

The medieval version of fake eggs.

(Add a pinch of pepper)

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