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First mouse - Semper Delicata

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April 2nd, 2004

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01:11 pm - First mouse
Every year when the nights get warmer I wonder: when will I receive the first present of my cats?
This year it was April 1st, when the day was but a few minutes old. I was already alerted by the special mewling of Poesjenel (my calico cat) when she entered through the cat flap.
A mouse.
At least is was dead, so I did not have to chase it through my house in order to put it outside again.
Poesjenel was clearly very proud of her catch, and I let her play with it for a little while. The idea of a cat playing with a dead animal is gruesome, I admit. But she had so much fun. And the mouse was dead already.

(Add a pinch of pepper)

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